Your child's early years are the most precious and the most important. At this age, children learn about the world around them, and develop skills that will help them to grow and thrive. Early Childhood Educators of PEI are the certified professionals who create optimum learning experiences for your child by providing the environment and support to help your child learn for life. And, it all starts with play!

Early Childhood Educators develop trusting relationships with children and engage with them in playful experiences. They model how to investigate, create, and learn about the world. They teach children how to take safe risks and develop confidence in themselves.

Use this website as a resource to discover how your child learns through play.

Skill Development


Children learn respect, co-operation, and how to share when they play with others.

Early Childhood Educators provide caring learning environments with many opportunities for children to work together and understand each other. Creating learning scenarios that encourage pretend play, such as playing store or mechanic shop, allow children to create their own story. Each child that participates adds parts and props to the activity and expands the story while cooperating with the other children.

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Ask Children:
"Could a friend help you with that?"
"Can you tell me about your great idea?"
"What is your plan?"
"Do you want to take turns and practice rolling the ball together?"

Skill Development


Children learn self control, appropriate emotional expression and a sense of belonging as they are guided by educators, share with others, and are surrounded by a safe environment.

Early Childhood Educators provide reassurance to children as they experiment and become familiar with their emotions. Children experience a wide range of emotions. Providing children appropriate words for their emotions helps children to understand, acknowledge and accept their feelings. This also provides the foundation for developing the appropriate response to their feelings.

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Ask Children:
"How are you feeling today?"
"Are you excited to see your friend?"
"How do you feel about the adventure we are going on today?"

Skill Development


Children develop strong muscles, gain confidence and learn limits when they take safe risks to jump, leap and climb.

Early Childhood Educators create fun and natural indoor and outdoor learning environments by ensuring materials are safe and potential risks are minimized. Providing physical play activities such as a balance beam on the ground can inspire children to expand their limits and learn safe risks. Talking and listening to children’s ideas and fears further inspires their confidence and helps them learn limits.

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Ask Children:
"How can you move along the balance beam?"
"What else could you balance on the beam?"
"Do you think we can work together to build an obstacle course?"

Skill Development


Children begin to learn the basics of science and math as they scoop and pour water, splash, and get wet.

Early Childhood Educators create learning opportunities that build the foundation for important life skills and academic skills. Children further develop their language and problem solving skills as they explore their environment. Supporting children to be curious about the world around them and how it works lays the foundation for children to develop a love of learning.

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Ask Children:
"Why do you think the ocean is blue?"
"Can you guess how many scoops of water it would take to fill this bucket?"
"What do you spy with your little eye?"
"What happens if you pour the water very fast into the hole?"

Skill Development


Children learn thoughtfulness, imagination and confidence through creativity,  as they finger paint, blow bubbles, and listen to music.

Early Childhood Educators challenge children to develop their problem solving skills through conversation and questioning techniques. Asking children questions while they are exploring an activity, such as investigating musical instruments, encourages them to consider and create many possibilities while they are playing.

PEI Early Learning Framework Resource Article
Ask Children:
"What else could we make music with?"
"What does this sound like?"
"Do you want to dance to the music?"
"Do you like this sound?"